About Us

The Ankle, Foot and Orthotic Centre provide advanced management for the pain that affects your feet and ankles.

Our Melbourne foot and ankle clinic takes pride in providing you with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. We use the latest diagnostic aids, including ultrasound, to get to the ‘sole’ of what’s bothering you.

From diagnosis, our wide range of advanced treatment options include:

* Custom Orthotics
* Custom footwear
* Nail surgery
* Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
* Advanced orthotics
* Ultrasound guided injection therapies
* Footwear modification

General treatments from our Melbourne clinic cover:

* Callous and corn removal
* Nail care
* Foot and ankle injuries
* Ingrown toenails
* Plantar warts
* Flat arch problems
* Fracture Management

More than just podiatry

Northcote’s Ankle, Foot and Orthotic Centre offers services that go beyond basic podiatry.

We take the time to fully assess your condition before making a diagnosis and recommending a tailored treatment plan.

As well as having a Masters of Podiatry, Practitioner Geoff Dowling holds qualifications in Prosthetics and Orthotics, allowing him to provide the highest level of care.

Take the pain away

Starting from the tips of your toes, if there is something wrong with your foot, it won’t be long before your whole body is feeling the discomfort.

With experience that goes beyond the basics, The Ankle, Foot and Orthotic Centre will take the necessary steps to have you walking easier.

Get back on your feet with the help of the fully qualified
team at the Ankle, Foot, and Orthotic Centre

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